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Painted warp weaving
Family Fermata 1
Handwoven linen, dye
14 x 16

Handwoven and painted, these pieces in a series focuses on the intervals and pauses and that occur between us. This work explores the emotional disconnect that divides us; the distance that keeps us physically apart; the gaps created when a stretch of time has passed between now and then. Reflections of these intervals are not empty, but surface as emotions and memories. They are interludes that can become remote, distorting our perception of the past. They are sharp hiatuses filled with tension that remain clear. Whatever you place into your spaces between is felt; it is remembered. The fermata denotes a “pause of unspecified length on a note or rest” and emphasizes the vulnerability of being within of these divides. Whether this unknown creates a feeling of loving spaciousness or uncomfortable tension is for the beholder to decide.